Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Incredible Eggtastic Mouse...

(The Incredible Eggtastic Mouse-Image by inspiremedaisy~Photography by Jessica Moore)
(Please do not use my photography images without my permission, thank you!)

Remember when your mom or dad used to tell you not to play with your food? Well, tonight I'm here to remind you that imagination and play is therapeutic and fun! Yes, this is cheesy and silly....and absolutely wonderful!

There are unexpected little gifts at every turn...keep your eyes open for them as they will bring you so much joy! Something as "ordinary" as making potato salad with a dear friend turned into a much needed moment of pure bliss and healing laughter!

Playing with my food.... ;o)

Remember~Be Love, Be Light, Be YOU


  1. I love it!!!!!! And playing with your food is perfectly fine! lol It created a perfectly adorable mousie!

  2. Yay! ;) Thank you for makin' me giggle! A good reminder to start playing with my food and having fun again!