Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm In Bloom...The Beginnings Are Just Beginning

(I'm In Bloom-Image by inspiremedaisy~Photography by Jessica L. Moore)
(Please do not use my photography images without my permission, thank you!)

Sometimes there are big, bright and beautiful ideal moments in time when you just KNOW that you're headed in the right direction! Even when you're still in the spinning-wheel mode and are not quite yet in un-stuck just KNOW that you're getting there! It may still be a bit dark, but what we must remember is that the clouds will lift and the light will shine! First we must find and shine our own light! This is exactly the time and space I find myself in right now and it's such a wonderful and welcome feeling after so many challenges in the last few weeks/months/years of health issues and uncertainty. I have made up my mind....the golden skies, rainbows and pots-of-gold will be found in my life very soon! :)

Blooming and ever expanding...

Remember (and I will too) Be Love, Be Light, Be YOU!


  1. Jess, you are soooo right!!!! It's happening right now! You are such a bright, shining light in the world, I don't know how any of us live without you. Just reading your post just now brought tears to my eyes. I hope EVERYONE out there finds you!! :) Love and light to you, my dear! :)

  2. Lori!!! Thank YOU!!! YOU are beautiful and you exude such a bright, beaming light from your open heart, not only in my life but also in this world! I am filled with such gratitude and my heart is overflowing with thanks to the Universe for sending you into my life! Your amazingly kind words have filled my eyes with tears! Wow!!! I am so happy to know that I have you holding my hand on this path...we will find our place in this world together, my friend! Much love and light to you always! :)