Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring-Cleaning of My ♥ Heart ♥

(Spring-Cleaning of My Heart~Image by inspiremedaisy~Photography by Jessica Moore)
(Please do not use my photography images without my permission, thank you!)

Good evening lovelies! ♥ I do so hope you're enjoying a bright and beautiful day/night! It's time to kick off your shoes and enjoy the weekend!

As we head into this long holiday weekend (for those of you in the United States), I want to share my pondering and word association for the day (with all of you). (And later a wonderful random act of kindness that I witnessed today!)

As I was waiting for an appointment this morning I noticed a sign I've seen many times over the last couple weeks and it filled me with such wonder and amazement when I re-read it today. It simply stated that their office would be closed to honor the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. I was struck by the word CLOSED. Do you see another word within this word that might cause me to have an "ah ha" moment?

Look at it this way...C-LOSE-D. I saw the word LOSE and started to think about how we honestly lose so much, if and when we close our hearts and ourselves off. We shut down due to hurt and struggle and pain and confusion and fear. We start distancing ourselves not only from each other, but from ourselves out of disillusionment of what we may be dealing with in our own lives, with our health, our finances, our broken relationships, our broken selves and/or the bombardment of all the bad news happening around us, and it takes a real toll on our hearts. Sometimes this happens so quietly and steadily that we don't see it, that is, until the fear makes us feel that the walls are closing in on us and they seem to start crumbling down on top of us.

I am beginning to realize that this is what I have done and where I am standing...seemingly alone and watching the world spin wildly around and within me. I am also learning that it takes courage to realize and admit the truth. Then and only then can I (we) make our assessments, take stock of where we are, and move forward. I'm reminding myself that even if it's at a snails pace...I still have to move one foot in front of the other and step back into this world, into myself and back into my life.

Thus, I have started the spring-cleaning of my heart and I urge you to do the same. ♥ I'm sure it will come with pain, disillusionment and even more questions...but I just KNOW that it will lead to something beautiful and wonderful and joyous!

And now, for the good news :) As I was heading home I had my faith in humanity and kindness restored for a moment. While listening to music, pre-writing this post in my head and people-watching on the train I witnessed a tiny but beautiful random act of kindness. :) There in the front of the light-rail sat a young gentlemen in a wheelchair who asked another young gentleman on the other side of the aisle to help him move the wire for his earphones and rearrange it behind his ear so that it would be more comfortable. And then, the good deed was done. One human being reached out to another, and was met with compassion and understanding....if only that happened more often. It was such a quick, small act, but showed such compassion and a human connection being made. I'm not sure if they are reflecting upon that moment tonight, but I am, and I am moved and smiling!

Wishing you all a fabutastic weekend :)

In light and love <3

P.S~Remember...Be Love, Be Light, Be YOU!


  1. Wonderful Jess. I'm so enjoying your blog - I think it will be a wonderful tool for you to stay aware of your inner self. If your inner self stays focused, our 'outer' issues are most definitely lessened.
    A word on random acts of kindness... I try to perform these every day, all day. The clients I work with are a definite target - I have many 'older girls' who need assistance and are really down and out. By helping them get the little outfits or pieces they need... I brighten their day- and it feels wonderful. It's so nice to be able to have a job where I can help make someones day just a little more joyful.
    Every little bit helps.. saying hello to a senior out for a stroll... holding a door for a Mum carrying her baby in a car seat... retrieving a dropped item for someone..; it's the little things that really pull us along. The 'big' things are great...but are so infrequent to most of us.. so I continue these little acts of kindness... and at the end of the day...I've been fulfilled.
    Keep up the great work Jess... you're going places... I can feel it.
    Love, love, love!

  2. :) My heart holds such gratitude for you, Andrea! Thank you for your lovely comments! You're such a breath of fresh air and I am honored to have you and your friendship on this journey! :)

    Yes, I think this blog will be very's a nice reminder to myself at the end of the day to connect and re-connect ~with you(the beautiful handful of readers I have now) ;) and with my inner self and heart!

    I love your thoughts on random acts of kindness~you are so correct that the little things are indeed what keep us going!

    Hugging you across the miles and sending rays of light and love to you!
    xo jess :)