Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shadows of fear & the light of ♥ love ♥

(Fragile Strength~Image by inspiremedaisy~Photography by Jessica Moore)
(Please do not use my photography images without my permission, thank you!)

Welcome to: My Journey, Your Journey, Our Journey

I've decided to jump back into the blogosphere and I want to take you, yes you, with me! The path here will be real, raw, authentic, and from my heart. It may not always be pretty or comfortable, but it will be me and it will be truthful. I do hope you'll open your heart and walk hand-in-hand with me as we venture out into this world of new beginnings. I plan to offer you a glimpse into my life, my photography, and my pathway back to find/see/know and realize my true self.

I sit here today glancing down the road of my life~behind me I see a kaleidoscope of incredible memories that lift my heart in song, wondrous friendships that soothe my soul, accomplishments that make me proud, and yet a hazy vision of the person I wanted to be. (And an even hazier present vision of the person that looks back at me in the morning mirror.)

When I honestly take a look in my inner mirror I also see paths of bad decisions, fear and broken dreams...which I fully admit and take responsibility for. I am learning that the "what if" thinking (...think "coulda, woulda, shoulda, "...) does me no good. I also must admit that sometimes bad things happen, our paths sometimes wind down roads we had never envisioned for ourselves and they leave us gasping for air, grasping for solid ground and wondering how we can ever get through the NOW that surrounds us. I am here, perhaps you are too? Right now, I am standing tall proclaiming that I am ready to crawl out of the shadows of fear & into the light of ♥ love ♥.
I am extending my hand to you, won't you join me?

I am love-in-progress
I am light-in-progress
I am photography-in-progress
I am art-in-progress
I am humanity-in-progress
I am peace-in-progress
I am hope-in-progress
I am dreams-in-progress
I am a-work-in-progress

Again, I welcome you and thank you with sincere kindness and appreciation!

Much love to you all ♥ and remember....Be Love, Be Light, Be You! ♥


  1. You are beautiful. Peace, love, blessings and light.

  2. Jessica I think you are incredibly talented. Your photography blows me away and I think you write very well also. Take a breath, focus, feel that incredible talent in you. It is greater than all the other crap you've been dealing with. It is your core. It pulses with your heartbeat. It is indestructible and it is formidable. Feel it in your bones. Don't just say you feel it, feel it!! Look how it keeps coming back. Here you are again signifying your soul. It will not die. The more you get it out the more you heal and the more you grow. Create! Create! Create!

  3. So beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing, i can't wait to read your next post. :) Love you

  4. ~Kat, YOU are such a radiant light in my life, thank you so much for your love and support!

  5. ~Scott, Wow, my heart is over-flowing with gratitude for your lovely comments. I am truly honored to know you and moved by your thoughts! Thank you so much for dialoguing with me, for seeing "ME" and for letting me know that being me is "OK". Thank you for being YOU! :o)

  6. Awww,~Anonymous~Thank you so much! I'm not sure who this is...but i love you too! :)

  7. Jessica, Very cool and enjoyed reading your Life Path! Looking forward to more of your Great Journey and all your experiences. Life is like a roll coaster, just hang on and never let go!

  8. ~Hope, Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and beautiful message! I appreciate you and am happy to have you (and everyone) along for the ride! It is a pleasure for me to call you friend and get to know you! Yes! It has been like a roller coaster lately...think I'm ready for a NEW ride to hang on to! ;) *Hugs*